Sabina II

Sabina II is the first puppy we raised for Canine Companions for Independence (CCI). Dave and I discussed raising a service dog for several years before actually taking the plunge. After quite a bit of research we finally settled on volunteering for Canine Companions. We selected CCI for two main reasons – the great volunteer and support base in our region and because CCI does not charge graduates for the service dogs they receive.

Sabina II in a daisy patch

Puppy Sabina

Sabina was born January 29, 2009. She is a full lab and despite what people say she is not a white lab. She is a very light yellow. Sabina is head strong, stubborn, and willful and I am absolutely in love with her. She certainly broke us in as puppy raisers.

She turned-in to CCI in Santa Rosa for her advanced training  in August 2010. Once there she was evaluated by the CCI staff and ultimately selected to be a breeder. Each year CCI selects approximately 20 dogs to join the breeder program, they say the best of the best. Since we live close enough to the CCI National Campus we were eligible to be her breeder caretakers. This means that she came home to live with us as our forever dog, and pretty much live the life of luxury. Her job is to have healthy, happy, working puppies. As long as she is healthy and able she will have up to 5 litters and will be retired at 5 years old.

In June 2011 Sabina welcomed her first litter into the world – the G Litter. Those pups are now out in the world with the most wonderful puppy raisers aspiring to be service dogs. (Gromitt, Grimaldi, and Garbanzo)

G Litter 3 puppies

The G Litter June 2012.

On February 22, Sabina had the C litter – 7 girls and 1 boy. She handled it like a champ and is a great mama. The pups are out to puppy raisers across the U.S. and wish them lots of love! (and remind them to behave themselves. You may know that Sabina goes by the nickname “The Bean” we have been trying to name a puppy in each litter after a bean. This litter the one boy is “Chili”bean. Here they are:

(in birth order not picture order: Chai, Clementine, Clara, Cindylu, Cate, Contessa, Chili, and Calliope)

Spring Fling C Litter

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