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Every fall I hear the stories from my mom friends whose children can’t seem to get away from them fast enough on the first day of school. Of course there is the occasional child who is petrified, but for the most part (because I only make friends with awesome parents) they have raised independent little aspiring adults. The drop off occurs and the little gives some sort of exasperated (most likely including an eye roll) Mooooo-oooo-mmmm, you can go now I am fine. And the voice inside their head is screaming DON”T KISS ME IN FRONT OF MY FRIENDS.

Yeah that is pretty much like what it is like every time that I drop Sabina off at the Canine Companions kennel (aka: the spa, sex camp, ladies lounge), when duty calls. Today she announced she was in heat and I rushed her off to Santa Rosa to be bred for the fifth and final time. First I have to almost restrain her from bursting out of the vehicle, then there is the pretty prance. Yes you heard me right there is a pretty prance. I promise that someday I will video it and post it. It is a canter (like a horse) that she reserves solely for strolling while on campus. So after we prance our way to the kennel and hop on the scale she is already staring down the hall looking for her personal kennel escort. She is done with me, I have ceased to exist. I can go now… seriously… my chauferring services were adequate and now I am dismissed.

For those not in the know a personal kennel escort is one of the most awesome kennel staffers on campus. There is always a lot of talk about the exceptional dogs that come from Canine Companions – but the magic behind all of the dogs are the people of Canine Companions. The graduates, volunteers, staff, and donors make the magic happen. Sabina likes to think that she has staff, and I have to say the pups are treated like absolute royalty – so much so that I think they might feed Sabina’s ego a titch too much. I am sure that she would disagree. The simple truth is that I have NO reservations at all leaving my girl there, because I know just how much she loves all the staff and it is obvious how much they love their charges.

So without much fanfare, just like that she is checked in, and I am left standing there holding an empty leash watching her pretty prance her way into the breeder kennels. Thank you tireless kennel and veterinary staff. I would say to snuggle her for me, but I know that has already happened.