Now that I am 81 posts into this blog (pathetic compared to some of my awesome blogging friends) you have realized one of two things 1) I really am funny or 2) I am blogger who just thinks I am really funny. I am prefer to go with option one. To that end I spend quite a bit of time picking the titles of posts, again because I think I am funny. Guess again.

Yesterday I read one of my favorite blogs Help On Four Legs and I totally cracked up. The title of her post was Take Your Dog Everywhere. That really surprised me and I had to take a second to pause because Alex is a service dog user and I know she would never advocate for a non disabled person to take their pooch to the movies. So I did what I thought a rational person would do and READ her post. Wow – just as I suspected, okay hoped, it was totally not what the title implied. The title was quite funny considering who the author is. Then I read the the article that inspired her post, which was also totally funny, and completely cracked up. It was so funny in fact that I linked her blog to a post I made on Facebook. My status post merely said…

Join the Crowd Learn How To Take Your Dog Everywhere!


Let’s get back to the funny part. Look at that title its funny. Maybe it is not funny as a stand alone statement, but it is very funny coming from me. There is no way in hell that I support people taking their pet dogs out into the world to any place that pet dogs aren’t typically allowed. Actually check that, there are some people who shouldn’t take their pet dogs anywhere, permitted or otherwise, but alas I am not in charge of the world.

I am sure that I have already posted about this at some point (or hope I did, in my meager 81 posts) that I just find it morally wrong to do this sort of crap. I leave the perpetrators to deal with karma; unless of course they draw me into a conversation about it or ask me where they can get one of those jackets for their dog. I mean if you open the door I am just compelled, much to Dave’s dismay, to walk right through it. I am not alone in the crusade to stop this practice either.

If you haven’t heard, Corey Hudson, the CEO of Canine Companions, has recently declared war on the sale of equipment, vests, ID cards and the like sold to non service dog users. There are a tumble of terms out there – fake service dog, counterfeit canine, etc. which is not in anyway intended to target dogs who are providing assistance to people as outlined by the ADA. It is; however, specifically intended to target people who take their pet dog, well-behaved or otherwise, slap a service dog vest on it and take it to the Piggly-Wiggly. Yes people do that.

The other thing people do… is apparently not find me funny. (I know right?) I received a couple Facebook PMs from people who couldn’t believe I would advocate and encourage people to take their dogs everywhere. They thought that I knew better. Shame shame on me. Well I can’t tell you how ridiculous that whole thing is and how obvious it is that they didn’t read the post, and missed  just how funny the title was. Very deep sigh. Although I guess I always knew it would just be a matter of time before I made someone mad. Honestly everyone around here is pretty surprised it didn’t happen sooner – or maybe that it doesn’t happen more often.

Apparently it is time for me to take my popsicle sticks and go home.

(See I told you that I am funny – those of you who read the article are laughing your butt off right now, because I just made popsicle sticks funny.)