…then I have no idea what to say about the video below.  HEY! No skipping to the end, geeze.

If your reading this blog then you have seen the B+2 Litter picture (scroll up it is right above this post!). It is pretty amazing right? I have to say coming up with photo shoots for the litters is one of my favorite parts of being a breeder caretaker. In fact I already have the next litter picture all planned. Please, that should not come as a surprise to any of you who have known me more than five minutes.

I know that most of my Canine Companion’s family doesn’t live close enough to be part of the breeder caretaker experience.Which means your only experience with the litter picture is usually the final product. We have decided to pull back the curtain and give you a front row seat to the litter picture experience. (If you don’t live in Northern California and happen to be visiting be sure to let me know, we will see what we can do about getting you to a litter for a visit.)

I know that there are some photographers out their far more talented than I who can manage a picture of this type with little to no assistance. Um – I can’t. I have often said it takes a village to raise a puppy and it is certainly true (for me at least) that it takes a village and a second shooter to get the perfect picture. Oh – it also takes patience, good food, props, and stamina! For this shoot we also had  wonderful member of our Gold Rush Champions Chapter family volunteer to video the day’s hijinx.

So here it is for your viewing enjoyment. You will need to view it on your computer (no mobile devices). Through the magic of Ted’s awesome editing he took a couple of hours of puppy photo craziness and condensed it down to four minutes. Hope you enjoy it!