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What? It’s a word, look it up. Dogless. I will use it in a sentence.

“Dave and I are DOGLESS and it completely sucks.”

I will be honest. The first day that Cate was gone I was still so sick (I have been battling what I am calling the creeping crud, people more schooled than me would call it bronchitis.) that I didn’t miss not having to watch her. She is still is puppyish and thinks it is boring lying around the house doing nothing. In those cases she is very good at finding something to entertain herself. She doesn’t always choose wisely.

I didn’t really start to feel better until the weekend and Cate being gone still really hadn’t set in yet. Then when I went back to work. After raising three puppies for Canine Companions going to work without a dog is strange. Next  Sabina departed for her turn at the Canine Companions spa. I am used to not seeing her all day as her new job, now that she isn’t in training, is to guard the house. I use the word guard very loosely. However she is ALWAYS at the door to greet me. ALWAYS, without fail – unless of course she is eating, getting a belly rub,  or swimming. The girl does have her priorities.

Here we are without a dog. It is weird. I don’t like it. Alas, this is part of puppy raiser and breeder caretaker experience. It’s not my favorite part through. The upside is that Cate will return in a few short weeks as most pups-in-training do, a bit more mature and happy to return to training. Then Sabina will come home and, will hopefully have precious cargo on board. Meanwhile Max-the-Cat is living large and loving being the only four-footer in the house. Glad someone is happy being dogless.