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I have heard time and time again that timing is everything. However I have also heard it’s all about “location, location, location.” I am not sure which it is but I am pretty sure that I don’t have either. Before I start my complaining I have to cede that despite living 2 hours away from the Northwest campus of Canine Companions, that is ALOT closer than most puppy raisers live to their campus. Now that the legal complaining requirements have been met here it goes.

About the location part… while we are closer than many two hours is still two hours, which is a four round trip. That doesn’t even count traffic delays which if there is a race at Sears Point or you get caught in the Bay Area commute your four hours can be – well a lot longer.

When you have an intact female puppy in training and live close enough you have to get her there for what I call a trip to the spa to make sure that no “unauthorized dates” occur. When you have a Canine Companions breeder you have to live in a specific geographic area in Northern California and take your breeder up to the campus when duty calls for what I call an “authorized date.” I am pretty sure you can discern the difference.

Dave and I happen to have both. In case you’re wondering yes girl dogs will “sync” up, and now we are on to the timing part. Let’s be clear though it isn’t sync up like CIA operatives synchronize their watches before a big mission. It is more like the dubbing of english in a Godzilla movie, close but not quite. I knew that both our girls were close to coming into season and that was fine because SURELY, their cycle would coincide with one of the THREE trips we had planned to make to Santa Rosa in February. Nope, didn’t happen, but you knew that part right? Here is how it went, and why I have told you it takes a village to raise a puppy.

February 8th – in San Francisco. Not quite Santa Rosa but we could have squeezed it in. We spent the evening with a TON of people who live in Santa Rosa and could have taken her back with them. Nothing.

February 10th – back in San Francisco. Nada.

February 15th – in Santa Rosa ON the Canine Companion campus. Zilch.

February 17th – two days after we got home from Canine Companions, and four days before we were going back to campus Cate goes into heat. Thankfully Pam (you have read about her before on this blog and has rescued us more than once.) was going up to campus and took her. One down, and one more I knew was going happen anytime.

February 22nd – back on campus to get Sabina’s annual eye exam, and pick up a puppy for fellow puppy raiser. Big fat zero.

February 25th – and, drum roll please, yep Sabina goes into heat. Seriously? Alas good friend and fellow puppy raisers, the Yamada’s, were heading up to pick up their next puppy and took the Bean.

- The precious cargo picked up after dropping off Sabina.

“Dove”, the precious cargo picked up after dropping off Sabina, at her first vet check appointment.

So if it is about timing or location it’s apparent that Dave and I don’t really have either. If it is about friends, community and super cute puppies we win in spades.