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There comes a time that every puppy turns a corner, today was the day for Cate. Cate was a rock star.

Don’t get me wrong Cate has been an awesome puppy. I have enjoyed pretty much every moment we have had with her. She has been very reliable with her hurry training, she sleeps well in her crate, and has over come some challenges – like scary dust pans. One of Cate’s biggest challenges is that she has been a pop-up puppy. She knows down and is able to hold one for a while, but she still pops-up quite a bit.

Today was a meeting marathon it was back to back meetings from 10am straight through (including lunch) to 4:30, home real quick and then back out to a night meeting from 6-7:30, and dinner out. My pop-up puppy, didn’t. She just laid there, like a lump! Wahoo my puppy is a rock star lump! I had really started to worry about the pop-up part, I keep forgetting that there is the moment that the light comes on.

I am sure that there will be more challenges ahead, possibly even some set backs. That is all part of the puppy raising roller coaster. These are the days that keep you going, that make the day they throw up in your bosses’ office or have an accident in the mall seem not so bad. These are the days that make all the sleepless nights crate training or tears over why they just don’t get it or say – won’t hold a down – or something like that, so worth it. These are the days where a little teeny tiny part of your heart starts to see a graduation day in your future.

Today Cate was a rock star and made a Monday the most spectacular day of the week – and that my friends is simply amazing.