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I am so grateful to all of the Aspiring Service Dog Chronicles (ASDC) readers, and I know that this little blog is just a tiny speck in the greater blogosphere. I like to troll the web and wordpress.com’s freshly pressed to find inspiration for ASDC Blog, a laugh, a cry, a new blog to follow. I like blogs of all kinds, but my favorites are usually the dog blogs. I had hoped (back to those best laid plans) to have some of my favorite bloggers lined up to guest blog here while I was busy in puppy land, alas I was not so great in my preparations. Next time. I promise. I have linked many great dog blogs to my blog and hope that you will drop in on them. Each puppy raiser, breeder caretaker and Canine Companions graduate team has their own unique way of doing things and their own experiences. What I am saying is to get the whole picture of Canine Companions you should check them out. We are not alone here in this rich and expansive blogosphere.

There is a very spunky and cute puppy being raised in Denver, Colorado named Jeb. He is being puppy raised by Marianne McKiernan who is the 7News Call 7 Producer. Jeb, and his big brother Rocket before him, are a might bit better than I about keeping up on their blog. While I was off tending to puppies Jeb reached out to Sabina to see if she would grant him an interview for his blog! She was quite excited to be interviewed and to be the star of a blog post since I was being a blog slacker. She insisted we do it, and I am glad she did. With no further ado – I hope you will check out our interview with Jeb (and follow his dog blog!). You can find it HERE.