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Forgive me, Readers, for I have sinned. It has been almost two months since my last blog post.

As I was figuring out how to get back into the blogging game it occurred to me that falling off the blog bandwagon is exactly like missing confession. Well for me it was. You know you miss a week (who doesn’t right?) and then you go two weeks, but your really going to do it soon. Then you start making up elaborate excuses to tell the priest of why you haven’t been, or maybe jokes (of the Catholic variety of course) start racing though your head or maybe you fantasize about being the person who walks in and says “Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned and it has been 59 1/2 years since my last confession” just to hear the priests reaction. Not that I have ever had that fantasy.

Not Catholic? Or you are, and are offended that I used that example (if that offended you don’t ask the last time I went to mass, it will just make us all uncomfortable.) think of it this way – not blogging is like falling off the diet bandwagon. Everyone needs a cheat day, even when you are pretty comfortable with your diet or as I prefer “new way of healthy eating.” Sometimes you need a bite (or 3 as my boss would say) of chocolate cake. The problem isn’t the three bites, but when you end up eating the whole damn thing and then you just say screw it and end up gaining five pounds or not posting a blog for weeks. See exactly the same thing right?

I, the childless woman, have decided that having a litter of puppies is like having a couple of babies – you forget* what it is like between births. (* a friend and blog reader is screaming at the computer right now because she did not forget one moment of having her boys.) I forget how quickly the effects of sleep deprivation can set in. I forget how much I can make myself worry about our new little charges. Most importantly I forget how much it sucks to sleep on an air mattress in a very warm room. (I will be forty in less than a month now, not an appropriate age to be sleeping on a camping air mattress.) So despite my best laid plans to blog through this litter, like going to confession, blogging fell by the way side.

Also like each child each litter is different. This litter was primed to go off without a hitch; except for that having puppies in the middle of the night thing. We were humming right along when we took on two pups from the W litter. While we loved having them, they did throw a bit of a curve in the delicate puppy environment. I am delighted to report that despite them needing a little extra attention they have gone on to  be quite healthy, robust, and dare I say spunky puppies! Although no real hiccups this time, life and puppies just got in the way of blogging.

Now the puppies have gone out to their puppy raisers, we have put away most (no still not all) of the litter equipment, and the post puppy blues are gone I am ready to blog. Truthfully I have been ready, and was just figuring out how to get back to the blog. So this is it – I am back, I apologize for being gone. To make up for it I have quite a few posts ready to get you caught up with the puppies goings on and will be posting them between tomorrow and next Friday to get back to my regular routine. To show you how sorry I am I will be filling the posts with lots of gratuitous puppy pictures.