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Hi There!

I am Cate! Do you remember me? Hope so, but here is a picture in case you don’t. Oh wait – I am bigger now so squint and pretend I am all dirty. Now do you remember? Good!


I thought I would drop you all a quick note to tell you about summer camp. I am staying at my Auntie Bonnie’s house for a little while at a place my grandma calls the Yamada Inn and Barkery. I am not sure what all that means, other than I get to hang out with my bff Cami! No silly, she isn’t my sister. Not all puppies whose name starts with C are related. (That was a little presumptuous of you.) Cami is older than me by just a couple months, which is like forever in the dog world. It is sooooo cool to get to hang out with the big kids.

Let me tell you it isn’t all fun and games around here – no sirr-eey. Auntie Bonnie runs a tight ship! She makes me go to class, we practice our commands all the time, and holding positions for a very very very very long time. All that is tough work for a pup like me. (Young. I am young, what were you thinking when I said pup like me?)

At the head of the class with my bff’s: Alanis, me, Halo, and Cami!

There are some real perks though. Check out the awesome breakfast bar. I offered to help serve up the grub but Auntie Bonnie told me no. (She does know that I am training to be a helper dog right?)

Did someone say BREAKFAST!!!!

There is an awesome young man who lives here I get to snuggle with. He has a helper dog named Beamer. I don’t think Beamer likes me much. I am working my best to make him love me before I leave.

This is my bff Cami, Jeffrey, and you can see Beamer hanging out in the back. He is pretending that he doesn’t like us, I am pretty sure it is an act.

Well I have to go. It is almost time for puppy play time. You should stay here sometime. You don’t want to miss the turn down service! I sure wish my crate at home came with a peanut butter treat at bed time!

Lots of Love and Wags!