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Really – surely you didn’t think this was a post about the aftermath of being a late-night-party-girl did you? Tisk – for those of you who have known me for most of my 39.78 years on this planet, know that I can count the times I have over indulged in alcohol on one hand. In my world being a late-night-party-girl means staying up to read the last three chapters of an awesome book or watching a TV show that starts at 10 and staying up for the whole thing.

Instead of drunken shenanigans this post is about Sabina’s love affair with our tile floor – which is probably more ceramic than it is  porcelain – but you get the idea. I swear she is getting bigger and more uncomfortable by the second and baking all these little beans is making her hot! She is torn between needing to be as close as possible to me and needing to spread as much of herself over the cool floor as possible.

Sabina – the real big mama

She has lost her big bed privileges because she is off, then on, off then on again. Besides keeping me up, our bed is pretty high off the ground and I prefer that she not be doing all that jumping around. About this time we make the mama fort. No cramped kennel or hot people bed for her – we all look forward to the mama fort.

This involves completely blocking off my side of the master bathroom (because she has to sleep in our room – my rules not CCI’s) with an x-pen, moving the big puppy bed in from the living room and then arranging it in such away that there is 50% bed and 50% tile. I just crowd into Dave’s side of the sink. He doesn’t mind – really.

Sabina in her new digs.

Yes, the life of a breeder is a hard one. I don’t know how she manages.