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Lately I have been thinking about asking a few of my puppy raiser friends to take over my blog for a day. To be honest I already had a few people in mind, of course Donna Sword was at the top of my list. I have not only been following Donna’s blog for a while now, I got to meet her in person when she was traveling through California earlier this year. I love getting to meet my fellow blogosphere and Facebook friends in person.

As usual I hadn’t gotten around to asking her and of course today she made another awesome post. So I asked her if I could re-blog it – she graciously said yes. I love Donna’s perspective on puppy raising, and love that she has chosen to share her journey though words and photos on her blog – Raising a Super Dog. Today I turn the pen over to Donna and her post “5 things I stopped doing after becoming a volunteer puppy raiser”

Read it Here!

Thank you Donna for graciously letting me re-blog you here. I hope that you will all enjoy her as much as I do and that you  follow her on her Canine Companion adventures. I sure you are going to love her, so much so that I am still going to ask her to guest blog here. I guess I better get to it before she writes something else awesome.