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Woah Nellie!! Don’t get to far ahead of yourself here when I say “we’re” pregnant I mean Sabina’s pregnant. It isn’t that I have anything against kids, in fact I have met one or two that I like. I am just not mommy material, trust me on this one. No need to send me a note either way on your position regarding my never-going-to-happen pregnancy, that is fodder for a different blog. Let’s get back to the Bean.

As I mentioned, Sabina decided that it was a perfect time to have a date up at the Santa Rosa spa. So we packed her up and sent her off and she apparently had a great time and hooked up with a dude name Kevin. I have to admit that our girl (and Dr. Ruth – seriously that is her name Dr. Ruth Daniels) have excellent taste in boys. Kevin is a big yellow blockhead labby, which means we will be having another all yellow full lab litter. (Boy we love those labby puppies!)

Once the “date” is over Sabina gets sent back home. I do mean sent, it isn’t like she is all that excited or anything. I hear all the time from the BC’s of mama dogs “oh my pup was so happy to see me” or “she was pulling on the leash to leap into my waiting arms.” Not here. Sabina is a party girl and apparently there is no place to have a puppy party like the Canine Companion kennels in Santa Rosa. When they bring her down the hall she always has her happy prance on and then she sees us and is like – “Uh no. I am happy staying right here thanks for dropping by but I am fine” look. At that moment I feel about as far as you can get from feeling like the Queen of the Universe.

The next few weeks are pretty uneventful. Unfortunately Sabina was a tad over her ideal weight at this turn in so she came home on a reduced diet. This of course made her even more pleasant than usual as she was still brooding a bit that she had to come home and to less food at that. Last week we returned to the Santa Rosa vet clinic to have her ultra sound to confirm pregnancy.

I know some among you are scratching your head – did she just say ultra sound? Yes, ultra sound. Before you make any other snarky comments ask yourself: “Self, how would you like chasing after your pregnant dog trying to get her to pee on a stick?” That is what I thought.  I will spare the audience the gorry details but for those of you who haven’t ever had to directly participate in the pee’ing on the stick deal it isn’t as simple as it sounds for humans either. There are other steps involved that I can’t even imagine trying to conquer with a dog let alone a grumpy, hungry, pregnant Sabina. Besides if we didn’t take an ultra sound I wouldn’t have cool pictures to post.

Baking Up Some Baby Beans

At this point the baby beans are still pretty small and they float around in there like tiny water balloons so it is impossible to get an exact count. Dr. Daniels usually tells us something like it will or won’t be a huge litter. Once the female has a couple litters under her collar she can say in comparison to her last or prior litters this one looks …. You get the idea. Dr. Daniels’ date success rate is excellent and no one one is really surprised when their mama dogs are confirmed pregnant at the ultra sound.

Now the count down is on! Sabina is due October 7, she has a history of being early. We have no idea what our litter letter will be as there is sort of a puppy-boom in early October. I will let you know when we know.

Until then start thinking up bean names so we are ready when the time comes!