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I love butter. Butter makes everything better. Seriously, everything. Alas, my butter love affair came suddenly and quite painfully to halt earlier this year when Dave and I finally decided that we need to shed those pounds that had just been creeping up on us. I am sort of an all-in or all-out girl so it was hard, but I made a clean break. Told butter it was me not him, but that he had to go.

Despite my personal relationship with butter, recently a situation arose where I had to put my personal feelings aside. Blackberry pie. See, no matter what I personally feel about butter you need real butter to make pie, and I needed to make pie. I won’t bore you with the details of our reunion, we should get straight to the horrifying ending. This isn’t a blog about weigh loss or my inappropriate feelings for butter. No it is instead about how darn fast puppies move when you aren’t looking.

The pie was coming along nicely and was just about ready to go in the oven. I popped out a stick of butter and cut of to thin slices that I then cube, and sprinkled on top of the pie filling. Place the top crust over the top, made my grandmas signature thumb crimped edge and stuck it in the oven. Not really knowing what to do with almost a full stick of butter I just left it still sitting on its wrapper, on the kitchen counter. I know,  I know, but hindsight is 20/20.

Fast forward to the next morning. I am getting the pie already to go to the baby shower, the girls are hanging out in the kitchen with me. Service dogs are allowed in the kitchen, they need to know how to behave in every room of the house. It is a good place to practice not eating things off the floor, the move command, and long down stays. For the record counter-surfing is stricktly prohibited. With the exception of one unfortunate coffee cake instance Sabina has NEVER counter-surfed. I don’t recall Lacinda ever counter-surfing and we didn’t have that issue with our pet dogs. Why on earth would I think that Cate would counter-surf, particularly while I was standing within an arms reach? Apparently I had forgotten about the power of butter’s siren call. Goodness knows many people have come undone over it; how is a six month old puppy supposed to stand up to it’s temptations?

In a second it happened. I was standing at the sink rinsing morning dishes and I saw her make her move out of the corner of my eye. Cate “upped” on the counter and bit into the side of the stick of butter. If you were following along closely that is the same stick of butter that I had left out the previous night sitting on its wrapper. As I turned to snatch her up, she turned to look at me. All I could see was two ears popped up from behind the butter wrapper that was now stuck to her nose. Now this was truly a photo moment, but alas there was no time for that or any leeway for her to think for a second that this was appropriate behavior. Man I wish I had that picture though….

The next few seconds were a blur but it involved a stern leash correction (she was dressed for work), a loud and firm DON’T or maybe NO I don’t remember, and my arm going down her throat after that butter. It is important to note that the butter is now a soft mushy mess after sitting out all night, and I too am dressed for work. There was a bit of a struggle for the butter, but I am pretty sure I won. Even if I didn’t get it all the experience was, for both of us, quite unpleasant. Hopefully one she won’t soon forget.

The coups de grâce was Sabina rushing in when it was all over and sitting on top of Cate who was sprawled out on the floor and then barking one quick, big, beefy bark at her. This from the dog who never barks. Cate got the message too. Good on-ya Mama Bean. Man I love my CCI breeder.

I am guessing Cate just had a momentary lapse of reason. Maybe she thought that she was saving me from myself, more likely she was just letting me know that she is about to enter into her punky teenage months. Wish us luck, I think we are going to need it. Goodness knows that she is her mother’s daughter.