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I am not really sure that you can never go home again, or where that saying came from exactly. I am guessing that the person who said meant that while literally you can go home again – I go to my parents not as often as I should – but it just isn’t the same. Don’t get me wrong in many ways my parents home is better now than it ever was when I was a kid and I am not just talking about the awesome kitchen remodel. My Dad is married now, finally, and it better be forever, to the most wonderful woman in the world who for some crazy women wants to be my mom. He is happy and I don’t remember him being particularly happy when I was younger.

Like I said I do go home and it is different. It is different to sit at the table with your parents as an adult. The talk is different, the feeling is different, and goodness knows the beverages (now of the adult libation sort) are different. It was the exactly the same when Lacinda came to stay. It was great but it was different. It is clear that she isn’t our dog any more and I am oddly okay with that.

Little Lu-Bugs

There were some things that were exactly the same. She remembered where we keep the food. She also remembered that the last time she was here she was allowed on the furniture, and was quite happy to snuggle on the couch and the big bed. I think she enjoyed being the one on the couch instead of the puppy (Cate, this go round.) who had to stay on the floor. The funniest thing is that she remember the sound of the ceramic cookie jar opening and almost broke her neck busting a move to the kennel to get her treat. She had a great time visiting all of her other puppy friends and puppy raisers.

Still at bedtime she seemed to be looking around for her kids. When cars doors opened or closed out front she trotted over to the door, I think hoping it was her forever family. She got to go out and about with us to her familiar haunts and while she seemed content she was just a little different. It was subtle and I doubt that anyone who doesn’t know Lu would have even noticed.

We loved having her, and she came just went Sabina was going up to Santa Rosa to be bred (more on that later). So it was great having her to help fill that snuggle void. Don’t get me wrong I love the bean but no one – and I mean no one – snuggles as good as the bug does. I love that the Paul and Barbara make her keep on her skills and they have taught her some new stuff. She was a much better behaved dog than the one we gave them. She did still pick up somethings that weren’t hers but nothing like it used to be and she would bypass the “no-no” things in favor of her toy when I remembered to put it out.

When it came time for her visit to end we met up with her family and she just had a different spring in her step. She popped up in the back of their car and got to work. If you take work to mean being snuggled and tummy rubbed by three kids at the same time. I guess you could call it doggy multi-tasking. Man she can multi-task. All I could do was smile.

So next week would have been the first shot Lu had at graduating. I am wondering how it will feel to be there.  With Sabina I remember sitting there with her watching Sabina’s partner in crime Lavender graduate. I was so darn excited you would have thought I raised Lavender. While I love having Sabina, and being a breeder is awesome, there was a little twinge of disappointment that she didn’t graduate. It lasted all of two seconds but was two seconds none the less.

This time we will be watching Lu’s buddy Thelma graduating. Again I am super duper excited and know that Thelma is going to go on to great things. I am sure I will think about Lu, but some how I already know this is going to be different. She is where she is supposed to be. I am sure.

I am also sure that we are lucky enough to be her puppy sitter for her forever family for the foreseeable future – and I am sure that is super awesome. November can’t get her soon enough!