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There is some debate about how many dogs is too many dogs, but I have never heard anyone say anything about not having enough dogs. My personal position is that you can’t really quantify how many dogs is too many in a single number because it really depends on the dogs. Just about a week ago we had around fifteen dogs on the same train and there were no issues. I have a friend who has four dogs probably totaling less than 100 pounds in all, and I will assure you that it is way way too many.

Our house is typically a 2-3 dog house, except when it isn’t. Those times would be pool parties, pet sitting emergencies, when we have a bustling running around litter, and less when someone is off to the “spa.” This is one of those times. Sabina decided that it was time to go up to Santa Rosa to what I call sex camp. The breeders go to Santa Rosa for sex camp. The female pups-in-training go to Santa Rosa too when they are in heat, but the end up in sex jail – conjugal visits are absolutely forbidden in sex jail. This leaves Cate, who by the way survived her time out last week after her little gardening adventure, home alone by herself. Well we are here but like King Arthur – she is all alone, all by herself, there is no one here to guide her. (Bonus points if you can name the musical.)

I am not sure she knows what to think of being the only pup in the Johnson house. While she keeps looking around for her mama, she doesn’t seem to mind having the big bed all to herself. She also doesn’t seem to mind having the Grand mom all to herself either, and not having any competition for the sunny spot on the floor. I however am seeing the effect of no Mama dog around to tire the little one out – the puppy zoomies are back in full force.

Alas she only has to endure this horrible hardship a few days before her Auntie Lacinda will be here for a little visit while her forever family is on vacation and the Johnson house will swell to two whole dogs. That seems pretty manageable considering in about two months we will be all booked up with a brand new batch of ankle biters.