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I am Cate-Monster. I mean my real name is Cate, but everyone calls me Cate-Monster. I am named after a very famous monster who lives in the best place on earth. Grand mom says Cate Monster lives in a magical place called Avenue Q on Broadway. I have never been there but I sure hope to meet Ms. Cate Monster sometime. Oh my, I have forgotten my manners (my grand mom says I am working on not being so distractible. That sounds like a good word – distractible!) I am not sure we have met before. How do you do?

Hi I am Cate-Monster, but don’t be scared I am a nice monster.

I am in a bit of a pickle and could use some help here. I was outside helping my grand mom do a bit of gardening. Helping people is what I am being trained to do, so since she was digging holes I figured I would help her out and dig a couple too.

I going to be a gardener when I grow up!

Apparently she didn’t think I was doing it right and I got scolded. My mom must not remember any of her helper-dog training, because she was laying in the sun  waaaaaaaaaaaaay on the other side of the yard. I don’t know why she wasn’t over here helping us. Well I was determined not to let her laziness rub off on me and determined to be a good helper dog. I decided to dig another bigger hole! There were some flowery things in the way so I moved them too. I am LIGHTNING fast and was all done by the time grand mom could come over and inspect my work.

All done! Did I do it right this time?

I think that is where things went wrong and now I am stuck here in my crate and it isn’t even nap time! I have been in here forever! The big hand on the clock has moved five whole tick-tocks I am not sure how long that is in people years but it is an eternity to a pup like me who needs to get out and help people. Oh wait – here grand mom comes!!! Yay!!!! Wait – don’t, wait – she’s not stopping. Oh hold on I will look extra cute that always works. No dice. My grand mom can be one tough cookie. Cookies!!! It has been soooooo long since I have had a cookie!

I love my crate!

Okay we must move on to plan B. When grand mom walked by she said something like I better get a good attorney and hope grand pop will post bail. I am not sure what this bail thing is, but if you do could you tell me? Maybe I could send my mom over to pick up the attorney thing? Please hurry I might STARVE to death in here, or worse yet never get another puppy tummy rub!!! This is terrible.  I will be waiting in my crate here for you. I shouldn’t be too hard to find. I am in the grey house, next door to the scary cat. I hope you come soon.

Love Always and Always,

Cate Monster