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I had an entirely different blog post intended for today, but it seemed to be going nowhere. I decided to put it off till Sunday and then my inbox chimed – a new Facebook Friend request. First of all, despite what some of you think I do not accept every request I get. I will also unfriend you, sad but true. Sometimes the whining and complaining gets too over the top for me and well you have to go. I don’t spend a ton of time trolling for friends either, you will notice my Facebook Friends fall into thee categories my “friend-friends” & family, professional friends, and my dog-world friends.

If you are one of my Facebook Friends you know that my posts are pretty vanilla. That isn’t because I am not fabulously exciting, it is just that I don’t think you want to know every time I consume food or am mad at the world. I have friends of all ages, religions, and political beliefs – often time I don’t agree with my friends or their posts. I LOVE a good debate, but those are usually best reserved for an in person encounter at best and a private message to you at worst. In general if I thought my grandma would raise her eyes at my post – I don’t post it.

I also am not far enough removed from my law enforcement career to not think that most everyone has the potential to be “up to no good.” (an official police term =) I do exercise some modicum of caution about who I accept as a friend – usually you have to be a friend of a friend or clearly someone in my profession or in my dog world. I am sure my husband thinks I am a bit paranoid because I don’t “check-in” or say Hi Mr. Up-to-no-good the house will be empty for the weekend come on over. Nintey-nine percent of the time I post when we get home, or close to it; or when I know our fabulous neighbor ladies are around to check on things. Okay, there was that one exception when I checked in on Facebook when I was at Facebook but come on that is just too good to pass up.

Like Pavlov’s Dog I responded to the tell-tell “bong” that I have a new message, as I said it was a Facebook Friend request. I open it – hmmmm pretty sure I don’t know this guy. Geeze I am sooo bad with names, is this someone’s husband I met? Oh wait – is that guy who I met at the conference last month? Ok – lets see…. he is from my current home town, he doesn’t look like a stalker (yes I know Ted Bundy was hot), oh must be a dog person because he has Sabina’s doppleganger doing a flying bone with a triple twist into a pool… wow that yard looks surprising like mine. Racking brain again is that our backyard, oh no it’s not but close. Mutual friends? Nope. Wow that is one of my highest criteria…. okay what the heck it is probably some new CCI person and I hit accept, his dog is cute.

A few minutes later I get a message commenting on my new cover photo.

<<NEW MESSAGE FROM NEW FRIEND>>What a beautiful timeline photo!

PPPB (puppy pool party brigade)

<<MY REPLY>> CCI pups – except the chocolate in the middle (all CCI people go: duh!), Sabina our breeder is second from the left, and Cate – second from right) is our pup in training.



As it turns out this is just some nice man looking for another “Wendy” and got distracted by my awesome cover photo. I can totally see how that can happen. Thank goodness I had just taken down the litter picture or the poor man may have gone into a cuteness coma.

Sabina’s Spring Fling (C – Litter)

As it turns out Mr. New Friend and his wife are just puppy fanatics, have two labs whose birthday’s they celebrate with cupcakes and post on Facebook, and live in my town – you know my kind of people. I sent back a quick note about CCI and our girls. Then I sent him another message (Now who is the stalker?) with the link to “Yes, Service Dogs Do Have Fun!” video.

I just marvel at how dogs enrich our lives. Here it is, an average day and I make a new dog lover “friend”. My home town is a tiny bit smaller today, and my Facebook wall a bit richer. Another person has been introduced to CCI, and I get to see more cute dog pictures: win-win.He messaged back and said maybe we could get our girls together to play sometime.

You know I think I might just take him up on his offer.