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I grew up hearing that behind every (fill in awesome adjective here) man, is a (fill in equally awesome adjective here) woman. Like women are the behind the scene heroine propelling a man to greatness, or something. Don’t get me wrong not everyone is made to live in the spotlight, and I know that there are always great people behind the scenes. In fact I like it there myself and in spite of what most people think, I am not an extrovert. I just happen to be an introvert who knows that to get what I need I have to be extroverted sometimes, but I digress.

It seems in the CCI breeding world it is truly the mama dogs who get most of the glory than the boys. Without going into unnecessary detail we all know that the mamas needs the papas to bring little miracles into the world. Despite their ever important contribution, most of the CCI male breeders are the love ’em and leave type. Even if they weren’t so inclined to be, the rules are pretty clear: no extra circular dating, and no sneaking in to see the pups once they have made their way into this big world. (In fact except mom, there is pretty much a no dog rule around the young ones to make sure they stay healthy.)

In tribute to the recent passing of Father’s Day, it is time to give these boys their due! Before we get to the breeding part we should really take our hats off to the brave puppy raisers who take on the challenge of raising an intact male. They are just as cute as all the rest of the puppies, smart, and eager to learn – but long about the “teenage” months when that switch is flipped in their heads that girls exist, puppy raising becomes a whole new ball game. The despite the puppy raisers best efforts once mother nature takes over rather than learning new commands, it is way more about learning self-control. These little cutesy CCI girls are absolutely no help at all.

To further the point about how this is all about the girls, even when they are selected as breeders, they are still catering to the girls. The boys may officially be breeder  but here they are waiting around on the girls to be ready for their “dates.” When the time comes and they are finally called to their duty, they perform admirably. Under the watchful eye of Dr. D, 99% of the time we have a house filled with the pitter-patter of lots of little puppy paws.

The male breeders are almost always, with rare exception, a full labrador retriever or a full golden retriever. There fewer male breeders than females as they can work longer and, um, well have more dates than the females. All reports are that they love their jobs. I know that Sabina is always excited to go to the CCI Campus for her little retreat. I hear most of the boys are just as happy to drop in for a visit.

Our hats are off to all the breeder boys who help make our litter pictures possible. To their breeder caretakers who miss out on the daily fun of whelping a litter, but also miss out on lots of poop. Like most things it takes a village, so here is Sabina’s tribute to her very impressive heritage.

Sabina’s Dad Lawrence

Baumann Sabina’s Grandpa

Bobby Sabina’s Great-Grandpa