Yes we went to the vet this weekend. No, it wasn’t scheduled. No, we didn’t see Dr. VanRiper but she is our regular vet, and we love her and I needed a cute blog post title.

We are known at the vet clinic for having a stream of cute puppies. We are puppy raisers what do you expect. I am afraid that we are also getting a reputation for being the people who have a dog who gets all the weird things. Sabina never fails to disappoint and this week was no exception.

Long about Wednesday evening her face was puffy – as in really puffy. Nothing else seemed to be wrong, but we already know that Sabina is a world-renowned bug hunter (if you run in those circles), so not wanting to take any chances we gave her some Benadryl, and checked her out throughly for a bug bite or welt – nada. Next morning she was greatly improved so one more additional dose and off  we went. By Thursday evening she was fine, but was being sort of clingy and moody. She certainly had no tolerance for Cate. (I chalked it up to Sabina exercising her motherly purview.)

Friday night she was out swimming and when she went to “get” her retrieve toy she yelped. Woah – this dog never ever ever complains. Well she grumbles when she doesn’t want to do something, but not like this. We brought her on the porch tried to check in her mouth and lets just say no fingers were lost but she wasn’t having any of it. She did however have the good sense to do all of this before our vet’s office closed. Alas, there were no more appointments for the day.

This is that part of dog raising that I could do with out – the “do we take her to the emergency vet or don’t we” conversation.  Dave will tell you I always err on the side of way to extreme caution. Don’t get me wrong it isn’t like we have our own parking spot at the emergency vet or anything, but I am a glass-half-empty-with a crack-in-it girl when it comes to these sorts of things.

I am about to offend a couple of people so hold on here, besides not wanting to look like a crazy person rushing my dog in when it isn’t an emergency it is substantially more expensive to go to the emergency vet. I am more than happy to pay whatever I need to pay to keep Sabina healthy and happy, but that doesn’t mean I have to be ridiculous. Thinking to a recent post from vet and Sabina’s “uncle” (PR who raised her brother), I decided that since they had an appointment the next morning and if something did go really wrong in the night – we could still go to the puppy ER.

The simple fact is that the swelling had long past, she was perky and happy to see us, she was drinking, eating, and eliminating fine; had no temperature, and her breathing was fine. After I got my fingers out of her mouth I am guessing her heart rate significantly declined. She made it through the night just fine, got some extra snuggle time in the morning and off to the vet we went.

The vet goes fine, she loves to go to the vet, they love her, it is all one doctor doggy love fest when she goes there. It’s when we get to the diagnosis part it starts to get dicey. It is either a simple soft tissue injury, most likely from rough play. (Rough play? Our dog – never! Okay, our dog – always!) On the other hand it could be this crazy auto-immune disease that I have never ever heard of. Really? I am not going to get in the why me truck and drive off into the sunset, but really?

I could list all the weird things that have gone on with Sabina but that is another post in its self, and here we are again. Now that Sabina is a breeder that even complicates things, is this something that will end her “career,” will this delay her next heat cycle, is it fatal, I could go on and on. We have not seen this doc before, so she doesn’t know how neurotic I can be, but I tend to think that most vets (the good ones anyway) are a little more intuitive than the average bear. I mean they have patients that can’t talk and they manage to figure this stuff out, so I am guessing she may have been sensing that I was not losing my mind but it was certainly leaning that way.

We decided that, particularly since she was eating, that we would put some money down on it being just a flesh wound, and move forward. (I have been waiting to fit some Monty Python into this blog.) I am happy to report that the Bean is fine, well getting better at least. This morning she picked up toys without complaint and played with Cate. By the afternoon she had a full on attack of the puppy zoomies (she still gets those from time to time) and they had to go out back to play.

I am trying not to be overly optimistic but it appears that someone stuck a piece of bubblegum on that crack and the glass is holding at half-full.