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Lacinda is going for a test drive in her potential (paws crossed) forever home. (Lets hope she doesn’t muck this up.) Heart and brain are still stuck in a little bit of conflict. Have I mentioned what a great cuddler Lacinda is? I am a list maker. It gives me a sense of accomplishment when I get to cross things off, lists give me comfort to see the pros, cons, and to do’s all laid out. Today’s list looks like this:

Reasons To Keep Lacinda

  • She is cuddly.
  • We love her.
  • She is cuddly.
  • She fun.
  • She is cuddly.
  • She is smart.
  • She is cuddly.
  • She is very well-trained.

Reasons Not to Keep Lacinda

  • In our home she will be one dog among many passing through.
  • A third dog really does add to the backyard clean up, if you know what I mean.
  • She will be home quite a bit compared to our other pups. She will require a sitter more often because she won’t be able to go in public or to CCI events like Sabina or Cate.
  • Keeping her would be for us and not for her.
  • If she stays she misses the opportunity to have one of the best jobs in the world: growing up with a boy and being his best friend.

Dam-it, brain wins.

Last night she was laying the cuddling on really thick I was really struggling. Then I got to speak to her forever family and heard how excited “N” is to get his OWN dog. (His older sibling has a CCI assistance dog.) N is 6 yo old boy. Do the math people, Lacinda is going to live to be 14-16 years old. She is going to see N grow up and then send him on his way out in to the world. He will be better for being loved by a dog. We all are better when we have been loved by a dog, when we have a dog to love.

Dave’s best friend was Buffy. She was a yellow lab cocker spaniel mix. She was super-duper smart and eager to please. Whatever adventures Dave was on, Buff was right there with him. She knew all sorts of tricks and was probably the most tolerant dog I have ever met. Dave’s constant and faithful companion until that day that happens way too soon, when Dave and his father gave Buff the ultimate gift. The end of suffering. I only knew her a short time, but you could see the bond between Dave and his “first” blonde.

I had two very special dogs, maybe the only perk of having divorced parents, a dog at each house. Tora was already here on earth waiting around for me when I came on the scene. She would watch me play, made sure as a small baby (I am told), I would stay on the grassy areas or a blanket. When we got older she tolerated being dressed up and made to play Barbie’s for hours. She was a Gordon Setter, not a particularly common breed, but adored by  those who know them. She didn’t really bark, because GSs “talk.” Not quite the hound’s howl or bellow and not the bark of a beefy rottweiler – somewhere in between. Maybe that is why I love that Sabina isn’t much of a barker and more of a sass talker.

Ben lived at my Dad’s house and was a pretty rough and tumble outside dog. He loved to go running with my dad and was our fierce protector. He wasn’t too happy when people he didn’t know were talking to his kids. One camping trip in particular where we camped outside under the stars he was on duty all night. Pacing around the camp site checking in on everything and everyone. Tora died way to young at the hands of a very evil man; Ben lived a long full life. He died after I had moved away, at home with my parents.

I have loved all of the dogs we have had the pleasure of knowing, but there is something special about the first dog you love. The secrets you share, the games you played, and bond that is indescribable to someone who hasn’t experienced it. How lucky are we that we got to start out someone’s forever dog. All of this is just a reminder that Lacinda will end up exactly where she is supposed to go and that it is our job to help her get there. That is what our job has been since the beginning.

Friday To Dos:

  • Finish taking down puppy play-yard/whelp set up.
  • Laundry and dishes.
  • General pick up.
  • Press suit for panel discussion tonight.
  • Hug and kiss Lacinda extra tight, give her the pep talk, and watch, with love not tears, her head off on the journey that she is meant has been meant to take all along.