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Mark Z may not be soley responsible or due thanks for the creation of social media but I am glad he created Facebook so puppy raisers could stay in touch. That’s what it is for right?

The deal is that CCI has been around for over 35 years now, and well that is longer than my friend Mark has been on the planet; and a lot longer than Facebook has been around. I can’t even imagine what it was like 30 years ago to try to keep in touch – did they even try? I will have to ask around.

It is fun as a puppy raiser to find out what your pup’s litter mates are doing. In my case Facebook has created a place where I have met and made new friends that I otherwise wouldn’t know about. The CCI family is spread all over the US and I just don’t get out enough to meet them all. When you add all the puppies we are lucky enough to be sending out into the CCI world social media is a super way to keep up with the “grand pups.”

There is nothing like a picture or a short video to see how the little ones are doing to make your day. So far we have been truly blessed to have awesome puppy raisers get our litter. Contact with the next set of PRs looks very promising as well. There are still a couple pups going out into the world, to raisers that I haven’t “met” yet. The rest have been so kind as to share about themselves, and connected via email and Facebook.For those I haven’t hear about rest assured, no CCI puppy goes without a home or even more important with out lots of love.

It is just a wee bit hard to know that after Monday we will most likely never see any of them again. That is why I thank you Mr. Z, and your peers for keeping us connected in this most unique way.

(PS. I promise to stop being jealous that I could have never ever thought up Facebook)

(PPS. I LOVE the new Facebook timeline =)