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I wish I was witty enough to have come up with that line on my own – but I wasn’t. I stole it from my favorite dog T-shirt made by dogisgood.com. You should check them out!

Sabina wearing her "flat cone" decorated for christmas after her eye surgery.

Puppies do not come with warning labels, more specifically puppy xpen’s (collapsible exercise pens) don’t. Maybe it did, but I must have thrown it away with the packaging. Truly you would think that CCI Breeder Caretakers came with more common sense, apparently I was wrong about that too.

I have heard that performances are always better in front of a live audience. Picture it (as Sophia, my favorite Golden Girl would say) – the cutest puppies ever, sitting pretty for their lunch; a couple CCI puppy raisers watching in the room after a good socialization period; a pristine freshly cleaned puppy pen. Then picture a breeder caretaker not using the gate, instead stepping over the fence, crash to the floor sending puppy food all over and puppies scurrying to get it. Lovely right?

First I should tell you no puppies were harmed or in the way. Second I should tell you that I knew better but do it all the time. Third while I am certainly bumped and bruised the worst bruise is – you guessed – on my ego. I am sure it was a sight to see, thankfully the onlookers are good friends who saved their snickering for the long ride home. In all seriousness they were great, took care of me and the puppies.

Post tumble I am still hobbling around (yes I have been icing the appropriate areas and taking ibuprofen), but am pretty sure nothing is going to need to be amputated. No cone of shame, cast, or other outward signs of my stupidity, although I am sure I will have some lovely bruise pictures to post in a couple of days. The puppies thought it was great fun to have food everywhere and grandma in the middle of it. In case you were wondering these pups don’t seem to have any sensitivity to loud noises other than the curiosity to go check them out! Oh and I have decided to try the gate next time, who know it may be fun.