Let’s face it right now everyday is happy puppy day in my house. It will be that way for a few more weeks. According to the little laminated “newsletter” on the table at my favorite diner every day is national something-or-other day. Forgive me if, despite my love for puppies, I did a little eye roll. Besides, we all know something isn’t a real holiday until Hallmark says it is. I actually popped in there today and they did not have a national puppy day card. They did have cards with puppies; however, most certainly not the same thing. The puppies apparently did not get the message.

G-Litter turn-in party at the CCI puppy park

They decided to celebrate about 2 a.m., it was apparently a private but not silent party. When I schlepped down the hall to take a peek and found them running around, playing, and taking turns on the sit and spin. They did come to the gate for the “Hello! Queen of the Universe” greeting, but once they realized that I didn’t have any food my popularity rating plummeted.

G-Litter calling for their Queen

Before heading back to bed, I took a quick head count to see where everyone was 1, 2, 3…7. Good. Wait. We have 8 puppies. 1, 2, 3….7. Really? Come on. Now I have to turn the bedroom light on, wipe the sleep out of my eyes and try not to panic. 1, 2, 3, ….7. So I clap and say “puppies, puppies, puppies – come see your Queen” (okay I didn’t say the Queen thing) but the stampede of puppies – all 7 of them come running over.

C Litter - pooped out in the "party" pen.

Now panic – there is an escapee! Really is this happening and did I mention it is 2 am? For some reason I don’t freak out, (probably too tired) start to climb in the pen and it happens. The puppy bed – it is ALIVE! Oh wait, it is just a burrowing puppy is snug as a bug UNDER the rug. Silly girl. Clara rescued. (Well she wasn’t happy and didn’t think she needed rescuing, but was rescued none the less.) There – just the way I like it 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 puppies. Happy national puppy day to me!

Chili passed out on the sit and spin.