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Week four is my favorite week. The puppies personalities are really coming through. They most certainly look like dogs now, they are playing, vocalizing, the cradle is introduced and getting bigger every week. They are really starting to motor around. There is still a little bit of wobbliness, but all in all they are coming along nicely. I dare say they are actually scampering!

In the beginning the pups don’t do much, and they shouldn’t. For the first few weeks their job is not to be spunky little fur balls with personality. Their job is to eat, sleep, grow; rinse and repeat. They don’t need much of anything except mom. We do handle the pups during this time to do nails, weigh them, and start to get them accustom to being touched.  At this point our role is really making sure mom is taken care of and she does the rest. In week four that all changes as we begin to interact much more with the pups. It is in week for that crown comes out.

Calliope hoping to catch a glimpse of the Queen!

At some point the magical week four switch gets flipped and the puppies start excitedly running to the edge of the box. Every time I walk in the room they RUSH over to stare at me with AWE and ADORATION! Obviously they are in LOVE with ME!! This makes me the Queen of the Universe! – for about 2.3 seconds until their mom saunters in and well then she is the Queen of the Universe (hence the nickname Queen Bean). If I was being completely honest they do that anytime someone comes in, for any reason, but “Everyone Who Visits My Puppies is the Queen of the Universe” doesn’t make a good blog title, and doesn’t do much for my ego either.