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Over the weekend we received a letter from Lacinda, letting us know that all is good in college! I was super excited that I wouldn’t be eating my words in my “Today it Happened” post. She didn’t ask for money, hasn’t turned up unexpectedly gotten pregnant, and did not beg to come home. That last part is really good because we sort of already promised her room to the next pup we are lucky enough to raise. Just saying that could be a little awkward.

All kidding aside the really good part is that we haven’t gotten “the call.” In puppy raiser world “the call” means different things at different times, depending on where your pup is in training:

  • The “come to Santa Rosa to pick up your new puppy” call; or
  • The “your pup has been selected as a breeder” call; or
  • The “your puppy is rotating into team training” call; or
  • The “your puppy is pre-matched (and then matched)” call; or THE call…..
  • The “come get your puppy s/he is being released from the program” call.

We are in the no news is good news phase with Lacinda. Every day we don’t hear from Santa Rosa is a good day. That means that she is doing a good enough job to be invited back for training tomorrow. I hope that she keeps up the good work, I am sure she has it in her. Let’s face it she got a full-ride to the best college world, has wonderful professors, and unlike many grads today a waiting employer if she passes the test!

We miss you Doodle Bug, but not more than how excited we are about your future!