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Seriously, that is what the ad should say not just show a picture of some ridiculously cute litter of frolicking puppies. Who can say no to a ridiculously cute puppy? Well not me of course. When the thought of bringing home a pup I raised from 8 weeks old to adult home that I was madly in love with and get to have little Sabina’s – I said SIGN ME UP. No where along the line would anyone tell me you need good hair and love paisley. Let me explain.

Omeeka x Camden's Sweet "P" Litter Photo By Cindy Lawton

This is day 9 of 55ish days that these little girls and one guy will be with us. Of those 9 days I will admit to not showering each of them and wearing the same clothes a couple of times. I have only been out of the house once, slept in my own bed twice, and the only other humans I have seen besides Dave – yeah they are here to see the puppies not me. I get it, I do the same thing to other breeder caretakers. It goes like this – once the invitation comes I speed to their house, get there 10 minutes early circle the block and the, wait outside, rush to the door, kick of my shoes and yell my hellos as I am racing down the hall to see those ridiculously cute puppies.

More ridiculously cute puppies. Sabina x Pryde G Litter

Today my good friend and mom of two charming yet energetic boys is coming over to see me. Yep ME! (and the puppies, but she is bringing food so that softens the blow) I texted her not to get dressed up for me, that sort of gives me an out to wear yesterday’s jeans one more time. She sends back:

“I don’t wear anything that can’t be pee’d on, pooped on, or vomited on so don’t worry about it”

Man I love her. She should have her own blog that is required reading for all young girls who think having a baby in high school is cute. Don’t get me wrong she loves her boys more than life its self but she is pretty much mad at the who female race for not telling her all the things that they should have about having babies. Her basic credo is that mommy hood is ugly, messy, hard work. I would still do it again knowing what I know now, but it would have been nice to know it on the front end…

As I am sitting here, waiting for her I decide I should probably get changed. I know she will love me know matter what I look like, but man I look like hell. As I am dragging myself off to the bathroom I am suddenly thankful that I got my hair trimmed right before the puppies came. It requires only a quick brushing, spritz of hair spray and tussle for that just out of the salon look.

The next part is more dicey – what to wear. The fact is I haven’t worn a shirt that was mine in 9 or 10 days. Dave has these thick big t-shirts that I prefer to schlep around the house in; which make me look just like a schlep. I decide first that I need something clean. Clean as in not worn yet, not something that is I only wore it once clean. That isn’t a problem, but finding something that I don’t mind if it gets stained and go in the laundry a titch tougher and there it is – a cute paisley t-shirt. Lets be honest paisley print looks a little like throw up anyway so someone no one will notice an extra spot or dot here and there – I take it. Glide on some tinted chapstick and I am a new woman.

It is amazing what can happen in 15 minutes. You can bake cookies, deliver a puppy, become a whole new woman, bring home the bacon – fry it up in a pan…. you get the idea.

Don’t get me wrong I know my friends and family love me no matter what I look like. I also know that they aren’t looking at my hair, they are distracted by puppies. However, now I feel better and won’t be worried that they are looking at my formerly bobby pinned to my scalp hair,  stained t-shirt, and day two jeans. I fantasize as they are racing down the hall to see my ridiculously cute puppies that for a second they think – Man she has good hair today and is that cute shirt new? Not sure how she does it, oh look PUPPIES!!!!