There is something that I should set straight here – the term “puppy smell” and “puppy breath” should not be interchanged, because they are simply not the same thing. Some people will say I love that new puppy smell. Trust me the newest smell that comes from a new puppy – not so pleasant. This is something that if you didn’t already know you learn pretty quickly as a breeder caretaker. If you are someone like me with, as Dave calls it a bionic nose, then you know it ¬†immediately and forever. Puppy smell is one of the things that goes along with whelping puppies, and carries on through puppy litter turn-in. Lets face it if you have a bunch of ankle biting poop machines living in your home, despite your very best efforts you are likely to have a little odoriforousness going on.

Once you pick up your breeder from CCI you get your due date. Breeders can not be left unattended for 48 prior to that date. There is a reason for that, her name is Sabina. Last litter she was two days early and I think she is going to do it again. After an excruciatingly puppy-less day in the office with out Lacinda and 72 hours before Sabina’s due date, I came home to find a very saturated dog bed that, well smells of puppy not of pee. (and as I just previously stated yes there is a difference and yes, me and my bionic nose can tell the difference)

A pregnant dog’s water breaks just like a human’s, letting us know that delivery is imminent. However when you aren’t home to see it happen, because it wasn’t supposed to happen, how do you know? Good one right? Here are my thoughts on why it was her water breaking and not an accident:

  • She was early last time, why not this time?
  • Sabina not only had access to the whole room so she could “hurry” anywhere besides her bed, she would rather give up her left paw that have a hurry accident in the house let alone on her bed.
  • She is panty and giving whole new meaning to clingy.
  • It is Sabina we are talking about, and that is probably the most convincing reason of all.

We are pulling out the air mattress. Looks like there could be a long night ahead; and so the breeder caretaker mantra begins: healthy, happy working puppies. Healthy, happy working puppies….