The weekend was cruddy full of puppy turn-in blues, at least we were distracted by getting ready for the puppies. Puppy preparations worked for a bit, but then in the weirdest moments the tears would well up. The post turn-in adjustment is sort of like getting a drastic hair cut. It is a little scary, a little exciting, hurts a bit inside even though you knew it was time, and leaves you a little off balance for a couple days. When you take the first post  haircut shower you for get you need way less shampoo until your covered in suds that won’t quit – yeah pretty much the same as pouring to bowls of food, calling both dogs, and getting two of everything out.

We stopped at the home improvement store yesterday and they were participating in the MDA fundraiser. Since the beginning of time when they give you the little card to fill out I have always written our dog’s names on it. You can see where this is going right? We paid our donation, clerk hands me the card, I write “Sabina & Lacinda,” hand it back and immediately start welling. Really? Wow I am loosing my street cred here.

Just when I though the worst was over I went back to work. Don’t get me wrong, for the most part I enjoy my job and going to work. I really shouldn’t have minded since it was going to be my first day back after 5 days off and only 1 day until I would be off on puppy duty for a week and a 1/2. However it didn’t turn out so good not having a dog. It is true when we turned Sabina in, we came home to an empty house, but on my first day back at work a fellow puppy raiser met me there with her puppy for me to sit for a week. Having a dog-less office sucks.

I have the most perfect office for puppy raising. There are a couple large windows for sunbathing, a kennel fits perfectly in a little space next to my desk. There is linoleum under an area rug in case there is an accident and the door frame fits a puppy gate. It is also far enough from the front counter that a pup isn’t intimidated by a crowd or lots of people, but close enough that the murmur  is something for them to learn and get accustomed to. We are also close to the outdoors so getting a young pup out to do their business isn’t a big deal.

However today my office wasn’t so great because it was empty. Thankfully it was a short day. I often leave Lacinda in my space practicing down-stays and other things and when I do I will often close my office door. (That helps keep her and my team on task.) I don’t know what was worse – that I closed my door a half dozen times today or how disappointed I was not to be greeted by her happy face saying “look I stayed the WHOLE time!”

I thought that I would find some solace in Sad Song Radio, but I realized that in all those songs the point is hoping and waiting for the girl to come back home. Not the goal here. Don’t get me wrong I miss her – unequivically and with out question. However coming home is not what I want – to find her forever home is what I want and hopefully that will come in the form of a CCI graduation. So while I am seeing her in all the familiar places… it is the places she hasn’t gotten to yet that I am most looking forward to seeing.