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In our house the irritating, bad, broken, misbehaving whatever always belongs to the other person. For example when Max the cat is at his annoying best and attacking your feet at night when trying to sleep the victim will turn to the other person and say “can you get your cat of the bed” then it turns in to a debate about how Max is not that person’s cat.

The same thing happens when Sabina picks who she is going to snuggle with on the couch, this time it is more of a “she loves you more” debate. The truth of the matter is though, and my husband will agree is that with the possible exception of her Advanced Trainer Angie, Sabina loves me best, no matter who she lays next to on the couch. This is even despite the fact that Dave is the food-man in this household. She still picks me.

This is never so obvious as when she is pregnant. When Sabina is pregnant you can count on where ever I am she will be there – usually underfoot. It is so funny to see my tough, ready-to-wear, confident dog need her mama. The later we are in the pregnancy the worse is gets. To the point that if I am cleaning the house or doing something that requires me to go from room to room it is less stressful for the both of us if she just takes a little time out in her kennel. I can tell because I don’t feel like I am going to fall over and break my neck and I can hear her snoring from the other side of the house.

We are just under a week to go now. I swear she is getting bigger by the minute. (This time we can see the little pups moving around in there. Sorry all you pregnancy romantics but – ewww. It sort of grosses me out.) She is sleeping a lot more and enjoying the significant increase in puppy food. She is eating so much that we have to break it down in to several meals a day. Last night we were getting ready for bed and she was up in her room waiting for what we are now calling “4th meal.”

The main difference between Sabina and Lacinda in personality is that Lacinda, while confident and fun, is really more of a people person. She would be content just snuggling with me all day. Sabina on the other hand has stuff to do, places to go, people to see and will just check in on as if to throw me a bone. In the aftermath of turning in Lacinda, having pregnant Sabina around seems to be just the cure for turn-in puppy blues.