Getting in the habit of blogging is something I am still working on. I want to keep a nice balance between forgetting to blog (which is what happened here) and over blogging. If we are friends on Facebook, what I am about to tell you is old news. Sabina’s room is finally finished! By the way “Sabina’s Room” sounds, well blah – we are looking for something more creative.

I think we have covered this but if you think having a dog room is extravagant I apologize for upsetting your delicate sensibilities. The truth of the matter is we had this room all decked out as a guest room, but had no, guests which in my book that was extravagant. Truth is if we could have a beautiful fancy spare room and a puppy room our house would be perfect, but we don’t. The redo was pretty simple and on the low-budget side we gutted the room, slapped on some paint, hung some new pictures and presto-chango! a new room.

We have lots of wall space to add to the photo wall. The frames (like pretty much everything else in here are from Ikea)

Awesome new flooring put in (thanks to my hubby) that will make clean up a breeze.

Check out the Bandana-Gram wall. These handmade bandanas are made by a puppy raiser who is raising Garbanzo from Sabina's first litter.

Sabina has already been spending her days in the Sabina room. We have been working on the “go to your room” command, and it is coming along nicely. It helps that she is a lab and that she gets all of her meals in there. Today Dave inventoried the whelping kit to make sure we have everything we need for the big day. Next weekend we will begin final preparations for whelping. It will be a welcome distraction from the puppy turn-in blues.