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I am a HUGE music fan. A little look see at my iPod playlist is like Tower Records (for those of us who remember Tower Records) threw up in there. Seriously – I have some John Denver and Brandi Carlile (love her these days), Judy Collins and Rage Against the Machine, Rosemary Clooney and Anthrax, Garth Brooks, the Beatles, Classical and oh yeah – SHOW TUNES! Lots and lots of show tunes.

I have music playing as much as possible, if it were up to me my life would be like Grey’s Anatomy – well not exactly – just in the way that great music is always playing along. I turn to music when I am happy, when I am sad, it is on for our best celebrations and even the everyday ordinary moments. Some songs take me back to a moment in time like it was yesterday, music can make me want to dance along which isn’t pretty, and is one of the few things that can make me cry.

I spend a lot of time pouring over music catalogues to find just the best songs to go with the videos I do for our chapter of CCI. To date I think the best find is “The Cape” performed by Eric Bibbs.  (I used it for the video of our first CCI litter, you can see it and our other videos on the CCI GRC YouTube Channel)

He’s one of those who knows, that life is just a leap of faith. Spread your arms, hold your breath, and always trust your cape!

Last night was a rough night with an expectant CCI mom who has tummy troubles and every night is one night closer to turning the other CCI pup back in for advanced training. Since I am off on Friday’s I usually reserve them for my CCI “work.” Today as I am working on the chapter newsletter I find myself having a really bad case of turn-in blues and I am thinking sad song radio (a real channel I created on Pandora) was probably not the best choice for this afternoon.

The simple truth is that, as much as I hate it, the die has been cast for both my girls and there is not much else to do but go through it. We did our best to give them the tools they need to do their job, and now the rest is up to them. I can either sit here and cry with her in my lap (did it) and keep doing it, or we can pick up our sad song selves and go out and play some ball. Of course there will be training (Hi Carly!) but happy dogs make happy dog moms. The sun is shinning –  Sabina is looking spunky, Lacinda always wants to play, and right now that is enough for me. Let’s go Johnson girls!