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Houston, we have a licker. Yep Lacinda is a licker and if you are one of those people who love doggy kisses that is nice and all but she really isn’t supposed to be licking. When I tell her no it isn’t because I don’t believe that you like puppy kisses. I tell her no because that is my job as a puppy raiser. Yes she is cute but she is an aspiring service dog and well the service dogs shouldn’t be lickers.

Our first dog Sabina was a licker too (maybe I taste good), but we were able to teach her “kiss” and of course “no kisses,” and that seemed to curb it. If you like to kiss tell her kiss when we were done with that it was no kiss and she would roll up that tongue and keep it to herself. Lacinda’s licker is just “on.” No kisses just doesn’t register. It has curbed somewhat now she is just a drive-by licker and a licker is a licker. She is also a snitcher – as in if it is on the floor and she thinks we aren’t looking she is on it. Thankfully she isn’t much of a chewer – for she is a golden you see  – and they like to carry things around in their mouth. Yep, doesn’t care what it is she is snitching she is just happy to have something in her mouth – shoes, socks, leashes, my keys or badge; and tonight – Sorry! pieces.

You remember the Sorry! game right? You move your little pieces way around the board and get to knock off your little sisters game pieces while your trying to get home. Sometimes you get a little carried away and you start yelling Sorry! over and over again and chuck her piece of the board like it is a superball. I am mean you might do all of that. I am guessing something similar had happened at some point today in the family play room on the children’s floor at the hospital.  While we were doing patient visits for our last puppy class there was a piece on the floor under the table and Lacinda snitched it. She didn’t yell Sorry! but apparently she was pretty happy with herself. (She thinks everything is a trophy) I personally didn’t see it, I wasn’t in the room, but Dave confessed on the way home. We have been working on this with her for months and months. We have two weeks before turn-in. Keep your fingers crossed, aspiring service dogs shouldn’t be snitchers either.

In our local chapter we are lucky enough to have a contract trainer provided by CCI. I am sure that all of the contract trainers are awesome, but Carly is the best trainer ever! When we get our next pup in April we have plenty of time to talk about all of the classes but as I have mentioned when your dog is about to turn-in you are in the “Big Dog” class. The very last official class is at the UC Davis Medical Center. It is a super big deal because we get to take our pups to visit kids in the hospital after Carly puts us through our paces. Every time I have gotten to go there is always at least one kid who wants all the dogs to get up in bed with them and lick and love on them because they are missing their pet dog at home. I tell you seeing the smiles on these kids faces when they are playing and petting the dogs just melts my heart. When Sabina was a pup I got to take her in a room with a young man who hadn’t been home in weeks. He was a teenager and going out of his mind with boredom. He just sat and petted her until we had to leave. His mom said he was told the dogs were coming and had been waiting all day.

Big Dogs at Hospital for Visits

The tick-tock of the countdown to turn-in clock is getting louder by the second. We just have to trust that whatever is supposed to happen with Lacinda is going to happen. We have done everything we can to get her on the right track, the rest is up to her. Hopefully there is a little human out there waiting for a dog of their own named Lacinda. Maybe they will want a dog who knows how to play board games. We can hope, paws and fingers crossed.