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Yesterday we made the trip to Santa Rosa for Sabina’s ultrasound to confirm if she is pregnant. I swear that she can tell when we are going to the CCI Campus. She has an extra swagger when we are getting ready and by the time we get to the Todd Road exit (and CCI is one exit away) she is about jumping out of her skin. It is the Disneyland for dogs, and Sabina thinks that she is the Belle of the Ball. I should mention that the staff doesn’t do much to defuse this illusion of hers either. Apparently everyone loves The Bean.

Ultrasound you ask? Seriously you drive to Santa Rosa for an ultrasound? It is a bit more complicated than that; and really who wants to chase their dog around the backyard trying to get them to pee on stick. CCI dogs are good, but not that good. When the females go into heat we take them up to Santa Rosa for what I call their “date.” I really don’t think I need to be more specific than that right? Breeder caretakers do not get to pick the date; all the background and credit checks are done by Dr. Ruth Daniels. We call her Dr. Ruth – seriously. Dr. Ruth oversees all of the “dates” (they usually have 3), and they may have more than one eligible bachelor on their dance card. Dr. Ruth is quite the match maker, this time she set Sabina up with a handsome yellow lab gentleman named Jaker.

Long story longer Sabina is pregnant. Yay!!! When they say don’t bring the little car they aren’t kidding. As a matter of fact, and someone who has a small car, I can attest that a small car isn’t great for puppy raising. For breeding it is nearly impossible. They sent us home with ultrasound pictures, 120 pounds of dog food, and an airport crate full of supplies.

To reward the girls for being so good and despite the very muddy conditions, a trip to the CCI Campus play yard was in order.  They made a horrible muddy, stinky mess of themselves and couldn’t have looked or been happier. It made me happy too. Since Lacinda turns-in next month we are on the countdown of the lasts. This was the last time she gets to go to the campus for a visit, next time it will be to stay.

When we were walking back to the car, Lacinda looked back at the play yard and then to me as if to say – “Mom, of all the colleges we toured I like this one the best. I hope I get in!” I am pretty sure you will kiddo, and they will be lucky to get you.