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I spend so much time and money at our local hardware store that I should have my own parking spot – right up front. I don’t, but I think I should. This comes to mind again as I have been spending quite a bit of time up there since Mr. Johnson gave the green light on the new and repurposed guest room.

He was totally on board with actually using the space for the pups. He didn’t come right out and say it but has always thought our spare room was a little excessive at the most, frilly at the least, and we could both agree underused. He was on board with taking up the carpet, it took him a little bit to come around to the paint. (See the previous post about the room and the pic.)  However, once the room was offloaded he agreed it looked like someone puked up pepto-bismol on the walls. Don’t get me wrong I picked the paint and loved it, but without all of my carefully picked accessories it was well like pepto-bismol. He was really getting into it, and started talking about how we should frame up puppy pics, and have a place for all of the gear. He even said we could go to Ikea to get stuff for the room! I had him, right where I wanted him.

He was completely, categorically against the dog door though. For those of you new to the blog, didn’t follow my old blog, or haven’t met me in person – do not fear. I am very good friends with Perserverance. He thought he won when he asked me where I wanted to put it. I showed him and he said, “sorry the fence doesn’t come out that far.” Darn it, he was right. I said we could move it, the location wasn’t exactly the most important part. He disagreed, arguing the new problem would be moving the electrical. A little electrical was not enough to stand in the way of this project for me, but for him he was pretty sure it was now a moot discussion.

Then it came to me, as it usually does when I wasn’t sleeping around 0339 hours  on a work night – a solution came to me! We could put it in the closet. The closet is behind the fence line and if, by some miracle we could ever sell this place, we would only need to patch in the closet. The area she would have access is too is the unuseable side of the yard that makes you feel like you and your neighbor aren’t in a duplex. That means that a patch on the outside stucco wouldn’t have to be perfect either.

I could continue and share with you  all of the other tactics and conversations. There really is no need. We may not have the puppy door before the little baby puppies come, but it will be here by summer. Thank you Perseverance, I owe you one.