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Even deeper sigh than last week. I sat down to fill out the paperwork for Lacinda’s turn-in. Over the next couple weeks I am probably going to say “the hardest part of turn-in is….” Today “the hardest part of turn-in is” finding the pictures for the puppy turn-in slide show. This is probably a hard task for the random or occasional photographer but for an aspiring photographer like myself  it was brutal. A quick search in the Mac Finder yielded over 2K images with the metatag “Lacinda.” Great.

At graduation prior to the service dogs being presented all of the puppies that are turning back into CCI march across the stage. The puppy raiser is acknowledged and the pups get a ribbon. (Of course they are all dressed in their graduation finest.) Just prior to the big march across stage a puppy picture slide show is presented. It is also a little bit of a touchy subject in our house because we had totally awesome pictures picked out for when Sabina turned in and somehow they didn’t make it into the show.

Today I filled out all of the paperwork, mailed in the graduation rsvp (like it is an option to go to graduation),  ordered her vet records, sent in her pictures, and sat on the floor and snuggled her. Extra tight snuggles. I am thinking there is going to be more of that coming in the next weeks. 1 month and 1 day…..