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When we bought our house (this is our first one) I dreamed about having an awesome guest room. I don’t mean the one that doubles as a craft room or is a storage room that has a pull out. I mean luxurious, guests don’t want to leave sort of room, so I built one.

I painted it pink and chocolate (don’t wrinkle your nose) with all matching 600 thread count linens. Beautiful photography, delicate bedside table, and wait for it – WHITE CARPET!!! We have had exactly 1 house guest in 10 years. Don’t get me wrong the room has served as a temporary respite spot for my father-in-law after a couple surgeries, my best friend lived with us while she was moving back from Napa, but seriously 1 guest. The kicker? We weren’t even here when they stayed.






You are probably wondering what this has to do with an aspiring service dog. As I mentioned we have Sabina II, she is our first pup raised for CCI turned CCI breeder, and now pregnant. This will be her second litter. I am not sure that you have been properly introduced. Sabina meet the people – people meet the Queen Bean. Yep, when she isn’t busy being mother of the year she is ruling the house. I love her. From time to time she permitted to accompany me to work, but most days she hangs out at home. We do have a very nice indoor/outdoor kennel, but we still think it gets a bit to hot and cold to leave her out all the time. Unfortunately in the winter when she isn’t swimming everyday and despite our evening activities and playing with Lacinda she gets bored. When Sabina get board it means that I have something to clean up when I get home.

With the next litter on its way and with lessons learned from the last whelp I decided that we needed to “re-purpose” the guest room. I am thinking we repaint, put down tile flooring, and a doggy door so she can let herself outside. Yep – I am planning to cut a hole right in the wall so that she can go out and hurry whenever she needs too. (Not that this girl ever needs to hurry, she is a camel, goes 2 times-a-day max.) I guess before I get the saws-all out I need to do one other thing – I need to sell Dave on the idea… Wish me luck.